Chiang Rai Province has this kind of diversity of attractions that it’s capital is often overlooked in northern Thailand. This small, wonderful city will probably be worth understanding, however, having its slow paced existence, good-value accommodation and great local food. It’s also the logical base out of which to plan excursions to the more remote corners in the province or abroad.

Visit the White-colored-colored Temple

The epic White-colored-colored Temple, otherwise referred to as Wat Rong Khun, must be first available. It’s certainly most likely the favourite steps you can take in Chiang Rai, plus this case its legendary status is deserved. The White-colored-colored Temple can be a sparkling-white-colored-colored modern temple with a lot of awesome, surreal touches. It’s a genuinely breathtaking sight, and i also was amazed at the amount I loved it.

Explore the Black House

Sometimes (incorrectly) referred to as Black Temple, the Black Home is actually an accumulation of colored wooden houses featuring art by Thai contemporary artists, most particularly its designer Thawan Duchanee.

Also referred to as the Baan Dam, the Black House features a similar surreal modern vibe for the White-colored-colored Temple. A couple of from the structures do look much like black temples, but there are lots of other bizarre structures dotted around. Some resemble igloos, while there’s one giant construction that seems as being a beached submarine.

Uncover nowhere Temple

Before visiting Chiang Rai, I’d heard plenty in regards to the wonders in the White-colored-colored Temple as well as the Black House, but for reasons uknown I’d never learned about nowhere Temple. I have virtually no idea why, because this incredible modern temple completely is amazing! It’s vibrantly coloured, contemporary and kitsch (in an effective way). The inside may also be colored in incredible vibrant patterns and colours.


  • The awesome several weeks are time to visit Chiang Rai because the weather will probably be incredible, and you will get the chance to relish beautiful views within the hillsides.
  • For 2012 Festival, the hill tribes works their cultural shows across the finish of December. However, because it is an energetic period, it is advisable to book accommodations far ahead of time.
  • Make sure to visit shopping at Mae Sai Market. And when you want to go to Tha Khee Lek Market in Myanmar, you have to organize your visa ahead to save time.
  • If you want to visit cruising over the Kok River, you have to placed on a extended-sleeve shirt, some shorts, sandals, and then try to bring a hat, sun screen lotion, shades, snacks, and water. And on your own safety, remember to use a existence jacket while aboard the boat.